Sierra Espuña
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Espuña Mountain, by its diversity and contrasts of atmospheres and landscapes and by its variety of services, presents an ample repertoire of possibilities to rest and to occupy your free time sharing the daily life of these lands and their people.

Among the services we count on numerous tourist lodgings, which have all type of equipment simultaneously that conserve elements in their architecture and surroundings, which evoke a not so remote daily life bound to the land, the water and the pasturing: mud chimneys, furnaces, drains, rafts, footpaths and paths that draw a silence scene and sensations that remain unalterable to the passage of time. The offer is varied: new rural houses from rehabilitated old houses with an ample supply of landscapes, whether it be in Protected Places like the Precipices of the Gebas or in zones of orchard, field or mountain, or even in the urban nucleus, but always in strategic places to know this land closely. Antique Manor houses or other large houses turned into rural hostels, decorated with very good taste and equipped with all the necessary elements for the comfort of its users. El Berro camping, which surpasses the equipment level of its category, is a sample of knowing-how and a care design that has integrated perfectly this infrastructure in the rough relief of the area. For the youngest people: the youthful shelters of great capacity. Those who persecute greater contact with nature have the option to encamp in the zones authorized or to ask for the use of some of the refuges that lay out this mountain and include from the 760 meters of altitude in La Fuente del Hilo, until 1.160 m in the Valley of Leyva. Here the wild boars, the squirrels and the birds form part of the community and create a world of sounds and signs that introduce to the visitors in the magical world of the mountain and the forest.

"Ricardo Codorniu" Interpretation Center –located in the area of Espuña Orchard-Fuente del Hilo– El Berro Information Point together to Las Alquerias Information Point compose the informative structure from which, in addition to the direct services of attention to the visitor –information, itineraries and activities of voluntary service– tasks of investigation and conservation support are made.

In the religious complex of La Santa in Totana, the old houses that occupied the pilgrims and travellers who visited the Sanctuary long ago, the "santero" and those who took charge of its care, are today rehabilitated and turned into rural lodgings and hotel maintaining their traditional style but offering all type of comforts.

The proximity to the coast, observable from the highest parts of the mountain or from the tower of the castle of Aledo and also from the outsighting of the Sacred Heart La Santa, attracts the visitors of Espuña Mountain and the High municipal districts towards the warm Mediterranean Sea in the neighboring coast cities such as Aguilas and Mazarrón.

Qualified services companies, associations and clubs carry out tourist acti-vities oriented to the cultural exchange, to creative and sport leisure: scaling, orientation, marches, wing fly, mountain-bike... The recrea-tion of traditional gastronomic activities such as the elaboration of bread and tinned food, the slaughter of the pig in the months of winter, to cut the honey in spring, the harvest of the almond in summer are made so peculiar and attractive for those who its daily habitat is the city, which acquires an exceptional meaning for the visitors who enjoy them. It is possible, in addition, to make routes in company of official tour guides to discover all our historical-artistic patrimony.

Sierra Espuña